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Staff augmentation estimated budgets

Full-Stack Developer:

Full-Stack development is one of our core areas of expertise that we possess and have been developing web applications using it. We have strong teams in place with skills in AngularJS/REACT, JavaScript, Mongo DB, React JS, Redux, Node JS, Express JS, and Docker to name a few. For database interaction, we primarily use MySQL, MongoDB, and SQLServer. Based on the technologies and frameworks mentioned, you can opt for any of the selected skills and have the dedicated developers onboard in no time

Resource Experience Estimated Price/month
Full-Stack Developer 1 to 4 years $2000 - $2400
Senior Full-Stack Developer 5+ years $2500 - $5000

Web Developer:

We use PHP for mid and complex level web applications using the Laravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, and Symfony frameworks. For other basic and routine projects, we apply WordPress. With a vast portfolio in WordPress website development, we have been performing tasks like plugins development, PSD integrations, custom theme development and website development from scratch.

Resource Experience Estimated Price/month
Web Developer 1 to 4 years $1800 - $2200
Senior Web Developer 5+ years $2600 - $4000

Native Mobile Developer:

When it comes to native mobile development, we are well-versed with both popular platforms i.e. iPhone and Android development. We are experienced in both Swift & Objective-C for iOS applications and JAVA & Kotlin for Android applications.

Resource Experience Estimated Price/month
Native Mob Developer 1 to 4 years $2200 - $2600
Senior Native Mob Developer 5+ years $3000 - $4500

Cross-platform Mobile Developer:

Cross-platform mobile app development is on the eye of everybody these days. We offer our cross-platform mobile application developers with extensive skills in technologies like React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.

Our engineers are also experienced in Cross-platform Hybrid mobile application frameworks like Phonegap, Cordova, and Ionic.

Resource Experience Estimated Price/month
Cross-Platform Developer 1 to 4 years $2000 - $2400
Senior Cross-Platform Developer 5+ years $2800 - $5000

Graphics/UI/UX Designer:

Working in the software industry for more than a decade, we have the best designers at disposal who have been delivering the storytelling experiences to the clients. Our designers are confident in areas like UI/UX and Graphics Design using tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, and Invision.

Resource Experience Estimated Price/month
Designer 1 to 4 years $1600 - $2000
Senior Designer 5+ years $2200 - $2800

Hire as many engineers and designers from the many we have that perfectly align with your project model