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PyroCMS Development

PryoCMS is a content management system that has grown in popularity due to its lightweight modular architecture and powerful intuitive back-end design. Very well known for its simple, flexible, and community driven content management system feature, PyroCMS is all you need!
Just like the core developers of PyroCMS; Adam Fairholm, Jerel Unruh, Phil Sturgeon, and Joshua Pekera, the web development team at eGenueNext also believes that PyroCMS is a better choice for your web app development!
Why PyroCMS is a Better Choice
Modular MVC – Module MVC breaks down a large project into smaller manageable pieces, while each piece itself becomes an instance of MVC. This programming pattern of PyroCMS makes it very powerful and highly organized.
Strong Control – PyroCMS control panel allows user to built custom email templates and navigation/menu, as well as add-ons.
Easy Theme Development – Building a theme in PyroCMS is easy as compared to other systems and saves a great amount of time. PyroCMS outputs data through Lex tag parser.
Mobile Device Detection – PyroCMS has the ability to detect a mobile device and easily layouts the content accordingly.
Module View Over-Loading – With PyroCMS you can customize the theme layout, the way comments appear, and much more by simply replacing the module view with a view inside the theme you choose.
Akismet, Analytics, SMTP, Storage Provide, and Twitter Integration – PyroCMS makes use of other services very nicely. For example, a Twitter steam can be placed on the page with the help of Twitter widget.
PyroCMS is Easy – Web development becomes exiting and easy with PyroCMS. The easy going nature is the reason why Modular MVC exists. Moreover, module add-on has “details.php” that has all the “meta-data” and installation instructions for the module.
Now, you can go ahead and discover PyroCMS, and for services including web application development and more, you can contact us!

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