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Server Management

Every website we view on the internet is residing on a web server. It takes a dedicated person and careful web server management skills to keep the flow of internet going. Web host is the one to provide all server related services but if they don’t, then you must get professional server management services to maintain for you. If you are looking to get the most profound and effective server management services, then eGenieNext.com is your destination.

We provide a solid base for your web server by providing in-depth and strong initial setup for your server. Making storage of large files of different programming language such as mySQL and much more. We understand that a server control panel installation is a process that needs delicate precision. The entire server operations are controlled and conducted through its control panel and eGenieNext.com has the ability to provide and install any combination of different features you want. We specialize in setting up and management ofemail accounts, Database installation and FTP accounts. We can create a superior control panel setup that allows you to add and remove sub domains easily and effectively.

One of the most important functions a server has to perform is to keep the track of files that are being uploaded to the server.Our server management company enables you to monitor and manage the data flow of data with relative ease. Not only that, our unique and high quality server management services make detailed reports of site traffic so you don’t have to worry about acquiring stand alone software to do it for you. We understand how important the data on your server is. It’s literally the blood of your server and it is imperative to have a safe, secure and effectual site backup system that keeps taking your data backups with regular intervals. Our company believes in providing more then you expect and we offer you much more with unmatched satisfaction.